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Headquartered in Dubai, Blockchain Technology LLC is one of the very first Blockchain start-ups fully-fledged in the Gulf States. The region which currently hosts a teeming population of approx. 51 million people, has until very recently been more or less segregated from the worldʼs blockchain and blockchain-backed cryptocurrency drive. This is despite the fact that the region currently accounts for a significant proportion of global remittances, which in practice is one of the sectors blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are looking to reinforce with efficiency. This limited blockchain stakeholder participation and relatively unexplored market potential in the Gulf States, specifically the UAE, was key to the localization of Blockchain Technology LLC in Dubai.

Our goal is to function as an industry leader and key influencer for the promulgation of Blockchain-based technologies and cryptocurrencies to the vibrant economy of the UAE and the Arabian Peninsula at large. By collaborating with established foreign investors and global entities, Blockchain Technology LLC aims to bridge the theoretical gap that exists between the Worldʼs blockchain ecosphere and the potentially disruptive financial market of the Gulf States.

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